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Take a look in the mirror. Smile. Now, think about how you feel about the appearance of your teeth and gums. Do you want to keep on grinning because they look fantastic? Or is your instinct to immediately close your mouth or cover it up with a hand?

Your smile is so important to how you look, the first impression you make when meeting people, to your own self-esteem. Why put up with one that’s flawed, worn-out, or that just doesn’t reflect your vibrant personality?

At Smile Creations, we can go beyond improving the look of your smile. We can give you your true dream smile: flawless, dazzling, and pure you.

A smile makeover is a custom-designed treatment plan that includes any combination of  cosmetic dentistry procedures. What we choose will depend on your budget, your smile aspirations, and dental needs.

Whether your cosmetic dentistry complaints are relatively minimal or you need more extensive work, we offer the techniques and expertise to give you a smile that you’ll be proud to flaunt.

To book a consultation at Smile Creations of Neenah, WI, call our office at  920-243-4122.


Tooth Bonding

As far as cosmetic dentistry procedures go, tooth bonding is relatively simple and inexpensive. It covers many of the same flaws as dental veneers, but at a fraction of the cost and typically in just one dental visit. You may be a candidate for tooth bonding if your teeth are discolored, chipped, you have a gap you’d like to close, or you’d like to change the shape or length of your teeth.

First, Dr. Eike will choose a dental resin that’s an exact match to your tooth color. He will then prepare the surface of the tooth to be bonded by lightly etching and conditioning it. Once your tooth is prepared, he will apply the resin, which will be molded and smoothed into the correct shape. The resin is light-cured and polished so it’s indistinguishable from the tooth surface.


Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are extremely thin shells made of porcelain that are permanently bonded to the fronts of the teeth. They were created in Hollywood, and are still popular with entertainers because of their ability to cover numerous imperfections and give you a flawless white smile. You may want to consider dental veneers if:

  • Your teeth have small (cosmetic) breaks or chips
  • Your teeth are mildly misaligned, crooked, or unevenly shaped
  • Your teeth have gaps you’d like to hide
  • Your teeth are worn down
  • Your teeth are yellowed or discolored, including stains that chemical whitening treatments have failed to eliminate

If you choose to fix your smile with dental veneers, Dr. Eike will have to remove a small layer of enamel from your teeth to ensure proper fit. Your veneers will be custom-crafted out of porcelain at an outside lab. When they arrive at our office, we will have you come in to have the veneers fitted.

Your teeth will be cleaned and etched, as a rougher surface enables the veneers to bond more strongly. The veneers will be attached to the teeth using a special light-cured dental cement. With proper oral hygiene and regular dental checkups, you can expect your veneers to last twenty years or more.


Teeth Whitening

At Smile Creations, we offer Opalescence home teeth whitening kits to give you a bright white smile.

Our professional-strength treatments are superior to drugstore kits because they contain higher concentrations of the whitening agent. And, because you are under the supervision of Dr. Eike, we can make sure your teeth are in good condition and progressing as they should.  

We will use our state-of-the-art CEREC machine to take digital impressions of your mouth. These impressions will be used to create custom whitening trays that fit perfectly. You will wear the trays and whitening gel at home at your convenience until your smile is just the right shade of white.


There’s More!

We also provide a few more procedures that can be incorporated into your smile makeover.

For people with moderate orthodontic issues, we offer  Invisalign, which straightens teeth using removable clear plastic aligners.

If you would like to refine or correct the shape of your teeth, teeth contouring may be for you.

We can even give your gumline a more pleasing appearance with crown lengthening and gum reshaping.


You deserve the smile you’ve always wanted. To book a consultation for a smile makeover, call Smile Creations of Neenah, WI at  920-243-4122. You may also fill out our online  form.



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