Dental Implants

It’s important to replace missing teeth, and not just for cosmetic reasons. Dr. James Eike and Smile Creations offer dental implants to:

  • Fully restore your smile so you can chew any foods
  • Prevent dental harm due to missing teeth

We offer multiple dental implants options at our Neenah, WI dentist office. Dr. Eike will examine your mouth and determine which of our dental implant services is right for you.

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How Dental Implants Make A World Of Difference

Dental implants are synthetic tooth roots that Dr. Eike will gently place into your jaw. These new roots will then support beautiful and incredibly durable replacement teeth. Implants can be used to replace one or all of your teeth, making them a wonderfully versatile solution for keeping your smile strong and and healthy.

Dr. Eike uses the latest 3D computer-guided technology to view your jawbones. This ensures perfect placement of any dental implant for optimal results.

Choosing The Perfect Dental Implants For You

Depending on the condition of your teeth and gums, Dr. Eike will recommend any of the following dental implant solutions:

  • All-on-4 or All-on-6 Implants – We can replace a full arch of teeth in either your upper or lower jaw using four or six implants.
  • Single Implants – One missing tooth can greatly affect the rest of your smile, which is why Dr. Eike provides single dental implants to fully ensure your oral health. He can restore an implant with a same-day dental crown!
  • Implant-Supported And Implant-Retained Dentures – Dr. Eike can create customized dentures to secure to your implants for a stronger bite and completely natural appearance.

If you need to have any teeth extracted to better accommodate your implants, Dr. Eike will immediately place your implants during the same visit to save you time! We’ll make sure you are comfortable and free of pain during any procedure by numbing your mouth fully.

Call 920-243-4122 or fill out our easy online form to contact our Neenah, WI dentist office. We look forward to making your new smile happen with dental implants!

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