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Smile Creations wants to earn your trust, which is why we feel it’s important to share these patient testimonials with you!

We love our patients and deeply appreciate it when they provide us with feedback. We hope you’ve found answers to your questions on our site regarding services, but there’s really nothing quite like learning the truth about a dentist from a patient who has been treated.

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John on the technology used to make crowns at Crowns Now

My crowns are all made in-house and I've had six of them. It's a very simple process with 3D imaging and a 3D printer. Everything has fit fine--love everything about it: in and out, no waiting, no temps. He does a 3D imaging where he uses a pen and goes over the tooth that needs to be crowned. The ...

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Jill on restoring function in her teeth with crowns

As a little kid, even though my parents were super vigilant about candy and twice-a-year checkups and so on, I just had cavities all the time. I remember being in a dentist chair like at four and five getting teeth filled, and he'd give me pennies so I wouldn't cry, because they’d hurt. When you ...

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Helen on getting an implant at Implants Today

One of my teeth on the bottom was very decayed and it had been filled over and over again. So, it was just time, it had to come out, and in order to get a bridge, we had to do a crown on the tooth behind it, for pretty much no reason. We decided we will pull that tooth and then do an implant. The ...

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Judd on restoring old dentistry with crowns

He said I needed the crowns and we established a procedure to have it done. He was very good about it. He was very thorough and it worked out fantastic. The last crown that I had put on was done because an old crown from a previous dentist had fallen off. The crown was positioned and reformed, and ...

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